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    In the X-Plane world, there are two main scenery creation apps: Ortho4XP and World2XPlane

    The rationale for keeping apps like that separate is content licensing and target users.

    Lots of people need to use an AeroScenery / Ortho4XP type tool as orthophotos can't be redistributed easily.

    Cultivation / autogen, on the other hand, can be redistributed. In the X-Plane world it very much is with certain sites providing high quality pre-made autogen for many parts of the world. There's no need for most X-Plane users to bother creating their own autogen.

    After giving it some thought, I feel like cultivation generation is always going to be a power user feature, with regular users just downloading pre-made cultivation.

    With that said, to generate my cultivation I built a homemade tool call Cultivation Compiler. It's a re-implementation of World2XPlane for Aerofly.

    It's not ready for prime-time yet, but I hope to release it at some point this year (with a GUI).

    A GUI wrapper around Scenproc and OSM2Object would definitely help some people out, but I just can't take that on personally at the moment.

    (Unless someone hires me to work on this stuff full time :))

    With the GeConvert concurrency control in 1.0, I don't see why install cannot be part of the standard workflow.

    Here's the scenario I was concerned about:

    In one AeroScenery job:

    1) User downloads a level 14 size at ZL 19 tile and geoconvert at level 14.

    2) User downloads a level 9 size tile at ZL 17 and geoconverts at levels down to 14.

    Here the tiles from (2) will overwrite the tiles from (1), which isn't what's wanted.

    AeroScenery installs into a folder named after the level 9 tile that each tile belongs (if that makes sense).

    This is to stop your install folder filling up with duplicates. (I don't even know how AFS handles duplicates).

    After thinking this through for a while, I decided to just let the user manage it.

    In theory, yes, you could write some code that works out what to install after everything is generated, but it's not simple.

    Nick, I was trying out 1.0.1 last night and noticed the INSTALL SCENERY option was greyed out (can't check the box). I updated the path in the SETTINGS but still no luck. Any ideas?

    This was my mistake. Install scenery is done via the map toolbar. I meant to remove the greyed out option.

    As TomSimMuc pointed out though, it would be better to allow multiple selected squares to be installed, and that's on the list for 1.1

    Well, actually the idea of doing it in C++ was mainly because the example DLL was written in C++. If you happen to do a DLL wrapper in C#, I'll gladly take a look at it.

    What I mean is that you can do a very simple plugin DLL in C++ that takes weather information and sets it in the sim, do the GUI and everything else in C# and make them talk with some kind of IPC (named pipes, UDP, TCP, shared memory).

    You could even keep your existing Node GUI with that method.

    The wrapper would be for writing the logic of AF plugin itself in C#. You don't necessarily need it to do some of this in C# or Node.

    Windows GUI programming in C++ isn't much fun, so just throwing that out there.

    So JoinFS is super awesome for multiplayer in X-plane. Dropped the developer a line yesterday.

    Hope we will get multiplayer some day. Either natively in AF2 or through an add-on like this.

    IPACS would need to add the ability to render and animate another aircraft via a plugin.

    I really hope they do at some point.

    That would open up a whole world of possibilities including virtual ATC like VATSIM and IVAO.

    1. C++ desktop application (I am working on that - this will be way smaller than the NodeJS desktop application)
    2. C++ DLL (integrates right into Aerofly FS 2)

    I like the idea of a dynamically updating weather app.

    Why not save yourself the hassle of C++ and do a C# GUI app?

    I've been meaning to write a C# wrapper example for an Aerofly Plugin, it'd probably be useful for several applications.

    Hi Nick

    When I installed V1.0.1 and ran it the first time it patched up the folder names for the current working folder.

    The problem is that I have a second working folder for another scenery area and I can't get it to patch the folder names for the second working folder.

    Hi Stu,

    I didn't think about the scenario where someone might have multiple working folders that they swap between.

    You'll find that AeroScenery has fixed all the database entries, so running the process again within AeroScenery wont solve this.

    If you can hold on for a few days I'll put together a quick command line application that renames all folders within a given folder, which should solve things for you.

    Many thanks Nick for all your hard work and your latest release. Did you have any success with as an alternative satellite server provider?

    Over the years GE and Bing have become very poor quality.

    Cheers, Michael.

    I'm going to add Arcgis as an orthophoto source in version 1.1, which will be out in a couple of weeks rather than months.

    I changed waaay too much stuff in one version for 1.0. Not doing that again. :)

    As far as I can tell, Arcgis is quite often using Bing (DigitalGlobe) imagery at high zoom levels, but I'm sure there are some areas that are better.

    I'm opening a new thread for AeroScenery releases as the last one has started to get unwieldy.

    After some beta testing by the good people on here I'm pleased to announce that AeroScenery 1.0.1 is now available.

    Download here :…oad/1.0.1/AeroScenery.msi

    New Features In 1.0.1

    On-the-fly Image Processing

    You can now have AeroScenery adjust the sharpness, brightness, contrast etc of the image tiles that you're about to convert

    Sequential GeoConvert Execution

    AeroScenery now detects when GeoConvert is done, kills the GeoConvert process and starts the next one.

    This means that multiple GeoConvert instances wont be started at once.

    Install Scenery

    Install scenery to your Aerofly My Documents folder or configured external user folder from with AeroScenery. No more copy and paste

    Fast Delete

    Clean up downloaded tiles with a super-fast, low level grid square folder cleanup feature

    Grid Square Sizes 9 - 14

    Select any grid square size from 9 - 14. Choose what fits your project best

    Fixed Grid Square Hex Names

    Previous version got the hex names of grid squares wrong. They are now correct in this release.

    Xml File Based Config

    No longer registry based.

    Configurable Orhotphoto Source Urls

    It's now possible to change the url templates for orthophoto tile download from the config, if a certain server is down or faster for you.

    Aeroscenery doesn't run.

    I get following error message:

    Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
    bei AeroScenery.Data.RegistryExtensions.GetValueAsBoolean(RegistryKey key, String name, Boolean defaultValue)
    bei AeroScenery.Data.RegistryService.GetSettingsLegacy()
    bei AeroScenery.Data.SettingsService.GetSettings()
    bei AeroScenery.AeroSceneryManager.Initialize()
    bei AeroScenery.Program.Main()

    Any ideas?

    You've probably found a bug in the 1.0 beta that affects clean installs. (Thanks for the bug report).

    You could either wait until the final 1.0.1 release this week, or give the old version, 0.6 a try…v0.6-beta/AeroScenery.msi

    SimTools doesn't work any more. SimTools talks to IPACS's DLL and that is what no longer provides the data to SimTools or anyone else.

    Ah OK. So the FS2 SDK no longer supports the messages that existing Simtools plugins use at all or fast enough, as far as I can work out.

    They should have gone with a system that allows data polling rather than message passing, so the SDK dll governs its own sample rate.

    This is probably what admin alludes to in the first post.

    They should have provided a config file setting that keeps existing motion platform users working in the meantime though (IMHO).

    Sounds like everything was working fine for your devices previously Spit40 ?

    Why don't you guys code up an AFS SDK dll that interfaces with SimTools either via UDP or memory mapped files or whatever and release the source?

    Make it clear that it's not a fully supported part of the game but it should be enough for anyone to make their motion platform work.

    The AFS SDK should be a stable interface so that should always work.

    If the Simtools side changes, the community can fix it.

    Maybe I'm missing some complexity, but it seems straightforward from reading a few docs.

    I noticed some issues that when it comes to the stage where the GeoConvert tool is invoked


    I've reported the bugs in GeoConvert to IPACS. I'm hoping they will get around to fixing them at some point but unfortunately they haven't yet. (Feel free to open a separate post reporting directly to IPACS).

    What I've found is that minimising, moving or resizing the GeoConvert window seems to cause these problems. If you don't touch the thing it often works as it should.

    As far as running GeoConvert instances sequentially rather than multiple at once, look out for AeroScenery version 1.0, which is coming in the next few days.

    The onlyest thing, what i don't understand, is: Why i should choose many AFS Levels ( 9, 11,13,14 ) for one grid and not only one? Why not directly simple the highest resolution?

    To maintain performance, Aerofly shows the lowest resolution tiles it can 'get away with' given your altitude.

    Let's say you only created level 14 tiles. If you're at 30k feet (assuming no cloud cover) and pointed the aircraft down, the amount of level 14 tiles Aerofly need s to render is huge. If level 9 tiles are available it can use a far fewer number of those. You're not going to be able to see a difference in the end result as you're so high up.

    It would be possible for Aerofly to generate low res tiles itself from higher res tiles. (There's no new data in them). It would lead to a horrible experience with people installing DLCs and having to wait 20 minutes before using it though. Geoconvert is just letting you do this up front.