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    I remember a while ago IPACS saying that the original Quest was underpowered to attempt to run Aerofly Mobile in VR.

    The Quest 2 however packs a lot more horsepower with its XR2 chip. I wondered if IPACS had considered bringing Aerofly Mobile to the platform?

    Being able to throw the headset on untethered and go for a quick flight would be great. There's also the possibility to use the Quest's hand tracking to make it a controllerless experience.

    It would be the only real flight sim on the platform it was possible to port. Facebook had 2 million Quest 2s built. There's a decent sized market out there.

    Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ etc. and

    Documents \ AeroScenery \ Working \ (here were the files) \ Map_1179c_a120 \ g \ 16, 16-Geoconvert.rar. etc

    Aerofly is likely reading user created scenery from your {?}:\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\ folder

    You need to add what you want in there, and delete what you don't want. What's in the AeroScenery folder isn't seen by Aerofly until it's installed somewhere.

    If you're not sure what you've got in {?}:\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\ just move all files from it and have a fresh start.

    Well Nick, if you can clarify something for me, I will be very grateful

    I'm not sure what I can clarify. If your output from AeroScenery wasn't great due to the Bing or Google images, just delete the scenery.

    If you're still seeing it, it can't have been deleted.

    It's probably in {?}:\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\images if you let AeroScenery install it for you.

    It looks good. Will wait for reviews to see how much the tracking and optics are improved.

    I was kind of hoping they'd completely redone the controllers. I've never understood why WMR uses visible light controller tracking. It makes it more sensitive to room lighting and flickering LED lights.

    If I do buy it, I'll wait for Black Friday again. I picked up my Reverb for £430 in the last BF sale.

    VR is amazing. It really is a huge leap forward in terms of immersion. Your brain is fooled that you're right there, sitting in the cockpit. Certainly for me, once I tried VR there was no going back to 2D gaming.

    For an all round great headset I'd recommend the Rift S. It's easy to set up, no trackers to mount on walls, cost is pretty good at £399 (if you can find stock). The resolution is also good for the price. I use mine for non-simulation games that need good controller tracking.

    The HP Reverb is the current king of resolution (and hence image clarity), but it's currently about to be replaced by a G2 version. If you can find any stores off-loading stock it could be worth consideration. I wouldn't pay full retail right now. I got mine for £460 on Black Friday

    Lastly, budget options. You sometimes see the Samsung Odyssey+ in sales or available used. There's also the original Oculus Rift, but check that the cable is in good condition as you can't get replacements.

    Unfortunately though, with worldwide lockdowns prices of new and used tech have shot up, making the Oculus retail pricing look pretty attractive.

    How do you fly, with joystick,yoke or are you just using the VR controllers to fly ?

    I only fly VR and I use a yoke, rudder pedals, throttle quadrant, button box, trim wheel. It's easy enough to get used to the locations of your real world controls even when you can't see them.

    The virtual hands are nice in Aerofly, but one issue is that you sometimes can't manipulate some aircraft controls because your real, physical yoke or throttle quadrant is where the VR controller needs to be. I'd love to be able to switch from hands to a laser pointer for those instances. I now just use a keyboard with a trackpad for those problem areas.

    The reason is, FSET uses a different access to the Google database, which is one step higher resolved"

    Hmm. AeroScenery gets whatever zoom level you tell it to from Google.

    If someone wants "one step higher", they should use a step higher :)

    Maybe I'm missing something?

    It's possible that different Google servers are being used by FSET, which could lead to a difference in output.

    I use the same servers used by Google Maps though, which I would imagine serve the latest imagery.

    Saying all that, the Google url is editable in the AeroScenery config if anyone wants to experiment with it.

    Hi Nick,

    thank you very much for correcting the USGS routines.

    A fast test seems to work fine.

    However I can see some black squares.

    Thanks Tom,

    I did a quick test, and the code is still there to try to detect them and retry.

    However, if you're still seeing them I'll try to reproduce and look what's happening.

    If I select multiple grids, after the scenery is downloaded, AS will not proceed unless I click on a box that states something to the effect that the system can bog down when using multiple and current FSET and that I understand. I will load up one and make a screenshot for you. We had talked about either a check box acknowledgement or a decent time delay and then proceed but not stop work.

    Ah, I remember.

    I'll add it to the list for this week's changes.

    I saw this and hoped it might be a Reverb with overhauled inside-out tracking; either WMR2 or HP in-house.

    What I think they've done is just put Valve lighthouse tracking support in the headset and used Valve's headphones. There are clearly only two cameras on there. Maybe it'll optionally ship without WMR controllers with the idea being that you use Valve knuckles.

    It's nice idea, but given how perfectly Oculus inside-out tracking works, I'm not keen to drill holes in my living room walls and have cables trailing down.

    I wonder why Oculus seems to hold the magic key right now when it comes to inside-out tracking. Their patent portfolio?