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    Same here - normal loading times (from an M2 SSD)

    Are you in beta?.

    Cheers, Ed

    I think I solved the problem by uninstalling a previous home-made version of the Lukla area containing images, elevations and some of the airports included in the Aerosoft package (had totally forgot that, since it was from more than a year ago).

    After those deletions, I was finally able to open up Lukla in VR. What a wonderful scenery, really!.

    Thanks to all for your input.

    Cheers, Ed

    MS Flight Simulator?, what's that, unless you're talking about the new one that will come out next year, otherwise that other thing is a dead body!.

    Cheers, Ed

    Have anyone noticed that simulator loading times are unusually high when using VR and trying to position the aircraft at (the new) Lukla airport. On my setup it lasts more than 4-5 minutes, and in the two occasions I've tried, I ended up killing the AFS2 process in the task manager. I'm in beta, by the way,

    Cheers, Ed

    I really think that having just 45 minutes with P3D will not give anyone a complete impression about that sim. Apart of it, selecting the Aerosoft's CRJ was not a clever choice, being the CRJ one of the most bashed releases of recent times, as everybody could check in the respective forums.

    I would suggest getting more experience with P3D using better addons (there're dozens or maybe hundreds!) and firing up real weather, a good AI Traffic both in the air and in the seas, a good ATC program (there're at least three good ones, apart of the default which is not too bad). And of course very nice airports with aircraft like the PMDG B737-B777-B747, Carenado's fleet, TFDi B717, MilViz's fleet including lots of nice choppers, A2A's fleet, Leonardo SH MD82, Coolsky DC9, and the count continues.

    Of course, you should also need to have a good knowledge of the few P3D tweaks needed to have an almost 100% fluid simulator even with those addons already mentioned.

    Glad to know people are still happy with AFS2, but certainly is a sim of the future, once it reaches more developed aircraft system complexity, real weather, etc., etc., but as of today, at present, it still lacks a lot of features.

    Hopefully IPACS gets encouraged to release, at the earliest, the full potential capabilities of AFS2.

    Cheers, Ed

    In a matter of some weeks, new addons aircraft have been released for P3Dv4: B747-8, DC-9, Shorts 360, A321-A318, B787, MD-82 Sp1, and several GA aircraft. Difficult to be a good pilot when you have such a variety of airplanes and different depth and complexity levels.

    And yes, I guess it’s better to have several simulators.

    Cheers, Ed

    That's the point here. So far AFS2 is lacking too much depth in aircraft development, apart from the lack of AI Traffic, ATC, real Weather implementation. So far AFS2 it's a very good scenery simulator, but to be a real sim, it's well behind the other two.

    Just my opinion and not trying to bring and endless discussion and to offend anyone.

    Cheers, Ed

    Btw, for all that might be interested, when I downloaded the current SDK Tools, I noticed the Content Converter got an update too, so it's good to update this on your systems as well.

    I also noticed that the geoconvert tool has a "kind of new" (for me, since I have missed it)) version dated July 6th 2018, so I've updated it too.

    Cheers, Ed

    Yes, you need to download the new SDK, uninstall the aircraft converter, reinstall the aircraft converter, and rerun the DR400 conversion using the new SDK

    Ok, now it's fine. Thanks for your help!. The registration HB-JOA is still not shown in the menu description, but that's a minor thing.

    Cheers, Ed

    Yes, the prop textures in the default HB-JOA are wrong and the registration is not shown.

    Do we need to download and install again the aircraft's SDK (the SDK tools files, not the file posted by Jan).?

    Cheers, Ed

    Did you guys happen to 'mod' the DR400 prior to this to get it to work?

    Have you tried to completely delete the old DR400 folder and remake it with this new update?

    Done, deleted previously everything related to the DR400.

    Cheers, Ed