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    But I just don't think it's user made scenery

    I think the same. Up to the latest update days ago (the one sized 500+ MB), all user created scenery loaded up correctly without any issues, so it simply cannot be that suddenly all the user scenery is wrong.

    Cheers, Ed

    We currently think all those crashes are related to user sceneries. What we would like to find out now what sceneries we need to install to be able to reproduce the crash, so any help would be appreciated here.

    In my opinion, you are missing an important point that would be a clue in finding the root cause of all these recent problems with AFS2. An update of about 500MB in size was released some days ago. Before that update everything was working normally (in most, if not all of the user machines) and you could use Vulkan or OpenGL, Beta or Official channels, User Scenery or "official scenery", etc., without any crashes/problems.

    Wouldn't be possible to put AFS2 back to the state it was before the 500MB+ update and see what happens?. Wouldn't be that a lot easier?.

    Cheers, Ed

    Crashed here using the latest beta (v2.04.09.19) when running in Vulkan API (please look at the log file attached). Went back to OpenGL.

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    Why not use OpenGL ? I get better and more robust performances than with Vulkan...

    Hi Antoine, I think this is what most people is doing after the CTDs caused by using Vulkan after the AFS2 most recent update. I hope the switch to OpenGL will not be but a temporary workaround and IPACS is actively working to find a robust solution, so Vulkan users could return back to this API soon.

    When you run a gaming laptop one of the main concerns is the operating temperature of your CPU and GPU. To me it's noticeable that running AFS2 in OpenGL causes an important increase in temperature if compared to Vulkan, and that's why I always run AFS2 on my laptop using Vulkan. I'm fortunately not having issues related to mouse lags on my laptop, but I do notice an improvement in fluidity and graphics resolution when I run AFS2 with the Vulkan API.

    By the way, what an excellent work done on Paris!.

    Cheers, Ed

    The participants were those that were already familiar with navigraph and certainly already in the community to have heard about this survey

    FSElite.Net and Flightsim.Com, which I think are one of the most read general FS information websites, together with AVSIM, were promoting the survey back in November 2019, with good anticipation. In fact, any AVSIM reader or participant was able to know about this survey by following the various posts about it

    In my opinion, any simmer enthusiast (not only hard-core) had the opportunity to hear and also to participate in this survey, and that's probably why the number of respondents increased to 17,800 from 15,000 the year before.

    I think it's important to be humble and accept the market readings, otherwise things will, or will continue to go south.

    Cheers, Ed

    Just rambling, really, but I guess I’m sort of suggesting maybe Aerofly target their sim at specific audiences? E.g “Come see this fab sim - it loads in a flash and is awesome in VR”

    Interesting to note on the final report (Section 3.11.1) that VR headset owners represent just 17% of the total of users, but even 5% of those never use VR for flight simulation, making the total of users or VR for flight simulation just a mere 12% of the total. On the same track, VR users for FS prefer Flight Controls like Pedals, Throttle and Joystick instead of VR hands (see 3.11.5).

    If this tells nothing to IPACS, well, that's the market reality, even if you don't want to hear from it.

    Cheers, Ed

    And so on. Personally, I got tired of spending money and time for just buying addons for and maintaining three sims instead of flying. So XP11 fell out of the loop. I'll certainyl have to re-evaluate the situation after the new MSFS will become available.

    I agree. Three sims is way too much. I have just two, P3Dv4.5 (main) and AFS2, no more. I must also admit that keeping up with a sound and working installation of P3D is time and a kind of a "brain" consuming task. I've never tried X-Plane.

    By the time MSFS2020 goes out and we know exactly what is inside it (and not those mere speculations and expectations that very often leads to frustration), a decision have to be made (by me, of course) to decide which one of the old two will be dropped out. And, have to confess also that to me it'll be difficult to think in dropping P3D out for several reasons (the main reason, and finance experts call it "sunk costs", I have invested a pretty good amount of money in addons for it already to simply say goodbye).

    We're facing a time of changes in the flightsim industry, but for good. We can speculate a lot about the new MSFS2020 and the next versions of the other main simulators, but something is for sure, people will have to invest good money in new hardware and new addons to cope with something that's called progress and innovation.

    Cheers, Ed

    The wind is changing. The big player is coming, and it's coming fast. There is less than a year left for Ipacs to make some critical decisions. We all have to adapt to the change.

    Why don't making another change?. Just buy another sim, you can have three choices: the upcoming new one, P3Dv5 (coming up later this year, but no news about when exactly) or X-Plane (who I think is preparing the new version 12).

    Of course, you can keep your current installation of AFS2 for doing, as you said, GA - VFR flying.

    Cheers, Ed