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    Oh and another question: what does "holding" mean inside the "plane information and options" menu?

    I strongly suggest downloading the RC manual, available at its website. It contains useful information about all the features and will most probably respond all your current (and future queries).

    Cheers, Ed

    And yes, ATC is finally here for Aerofly FS 2!.

    Thanks to Karl, we all have now the possibility to hear departure, ground, tower, enroute and initial and final approach controllers for our flights like in the real world. This was a long-time requested feature for AFS2. We can also be able to hear the "chatter", as other pilots are also requesting clearance, ground operations and vectors during their flights, so no more the feeling of being alone in the AFS2 skies.

    Apart from what is already said by the other members of the beta team, AFS2 RC ATC also provides some kind of control over the visibility part of the weather, that increases very much the realism of the simulation. Everybody should try it.

    Make sure you download the manual of Radar Contact v4, something you can do right now if you wish to start getting used to this interesting program (and necessary to make all this to work together). Keep the manual at hand to better know the capabilities of this ATC app. Once you get accustomed with Radar Contact you'll find it's very intuitive, reliable and complete. As Karl mentioned, the initial setup of Radar Contact is the most challenging part of the overall task, so please read carefully the instructions that will be provided in that regard. The rest is really quite easy.

    You'll also need to have at hand a good external flight planner, in order to fill your IFR flight plans, that will be essentially followed by AFS2 RC ATC and of course, your controllers from the departing to the destination airports. We used during the beta testing phase a neat, very capable and surprisingly freeware flight planner available on the net called "Little Navmap" (probably users of P3D and XP already know and have used it). If you haven't downloaded it yet you could do it now to start getting familiar with it, and make sure you also download its manual, even if the program is very intuitive.

    A final word: Once you have ATC running with AFS2, you'll see you'll never do a serious flight again without using AFS2 RC ATC!.

    Cheers, Ed

    Aerofly FS 2 has a lot of headroom for new features to come. New features are not necessarily slowing things down if done correctly and as you can see by how quickly aerofly runs, we usually do invest the time to do it correctly.

    Could we possible know the IPACS's roadmap for adding those new features to AFS2?. I think it would be interesting to know the future plans for this excellent simulator and more about those new features (possibly AI & vehicle traffic, real weather, seasons, flight planning capabilities, some more aircraft systems, water textures, etc., etc., among a possible list).

    Cheers, Ed

    That's right. Headless pilot in the Robin too. Anyway, it's easy to correct if you mimic the actions over the Arrows III & IV (and Duchess), thanks to Kai's post.

    Cheers, Ed

    Thank you Ed for this wonderful tip. I will try it!

    Hi Tom:

    As I remember (I'm not with my P3D desktop PC now), this scenery has a lot of landmarks of the city (most emblematic buildings, monuments, famous columns/towers, probably the bridges, etc.). I don't remember if they were included as separate objects within the BGL's, but it's worth downloading and trying to see what exactly could be used to complement your project.

    Cheers, Ed

    Hi all:

    For information, there's a wonderful scenery of the city of Paris, originally created for FSX that also works in P3D, with lots of buildings (typical of the city) and landmarks. I don't really know to what extent it can be useful for this project.

    It's at AVSIM. Look for, by Marc-Henri Guitteny.

    I'm away from home now, and from my P3D sim PC, regretfully cannot help more.

    Cheers, Ed

    Un séjour sans faille

    For all those who already know Paris, and without being critical, I think it will be difficult to contemplate everyone, because there are no less than 2,185 monuments in Paris, so take advantage of what has already been done! :-);)

    Yes, I agree. Hopefully with the contribution of talented people out there, some of all of the landmarks of beautiful Paris could be included.

    Worked in La Defense for some years (Tour Aurore) and will never forget taking the RER from L’Etoile every day, round trip.

    What a city!.

    Cheers, Ed

    And also, if possible it would be nice to have 3D models for the magnificent bridges over the Seine. All of them are truly landmarks of the city by themselves.

    Cheers, Ed

    Please don't forget to add:

    - Palais Omnisports de Bercy

    - Stade Roland Garros (the entire tennis complex)

    - Place de Victor Hugo

    - Pigalle (at least the Moulin Rouge)

    - Rond Point de Champs Elysees (Hotel Meridien)

    - Funiculaire de Montmartre

    Cheers, Ed