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  • Sure thing mate - my name is Eivind Eikli - you’ll find me on facebook and Messenger, think I’m the only one there. I have a Africa Twin as my Avatar (Adventure motorcycles is my other great passion). Where in the world do you live Peter? - I’m in Melbourne, (work for Virgin Australia), but am Norwegian by birth. Look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Eivind

      I think there is an error here, I rarely browse Facebook and, my name is not Pedro, my name is Delfin, and I live in Spain. If you want some other clarification, I beg you to expose it in this forum, and if it were personal, this is my personal e.mail: "delfinperezmarino@gmail.com".

      Regarsd: Dolphin

  • wow neat! I'd like to connect via email, not many real heavy jet drivers out there that are simmers too ... love to talk flying! let me know how we can private message or email ...thanks!