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    Er... Lukla is nice but the best, most detailed...? I suppose it's very personal but although the five main airports are on par with for instance Orbx Innsbruck they are a lot smaller and the surrounding textures are mostly (extremely) low res and sometimes even rasterized... Houses and trees stick out very obviously all over the place... I do enjoy flying around it with visibility set below medium but Orbx's airports are all better and so is TrueEarth Netherlands. Imho. Lukla is nice to have because it portrays a part of the world you won't find too often in a flightsim but I mainly bought it because there hardly are any add ons for AFS2 and to support development of the sim by 3rd parties. Even IPACS's Florida looks a lot better than Lukla.

    I should have added that I say this from the POV of flying almost exclusively in VR. I disagree that TrueEarth Netherlnds is better though. It has much coarser textures on buidings and terrain. again as viewed in VR, but obviously covers a bigger land area etc.. Not my intention to engage in hyperbole, but I am genuinely blown away by Lukla for AFS2!

    Cannot understate the greatnes of the new Lukla scenery - possibly the best, most detailed scenery I have seen for any sim-platform. We are still hankering for a helicopter capable of exploring the scenery in full, but the R22 can hover in ground effect around Lukla and with a bit of coaxing (and willfully ignoring low-RPM warnings;-)) you can set it down on rooftops and courtyards in the vicinity. Would also suggest you check out the Dornier taildragger available for free - lot’s of fun!

    What a spectacular scenery this is!!! Sets a new bar for not only Aerofly but also the competing platforms! Resolution, detail and complexity are all second to none, and the frame rates in VR remains smooth as butter. The R22 can hover in ground effect around Lukla and just bout every rooftop in the airport precinct has now been structurally “tested” by yours truly. Huge fun and crossing fingers a heli capable of proceeding up towards Everest Basecamp will eventually become available or Aerofly. In the meantime, there are a number of fixed wing aircraft that can open up the higher regions for exploration. Both the F18 and F15 can successfully take-off and land at Lukla, along with all the piston powered aircraft in the fleet. Tried out the freeware Dornier and it’s proven itself to be an excellent platform to do shuttle traffic between Lukla and the dirt strip at Syangbosche.

    NextLevel Platform manager has just released v2.87 and that returns motion to my rig in AFS2. Not completely, and nowhere near as good as it was before, as acceleration and deceleration are missing, but at least the chair move during flight. Great development and hoping there is a more comprehensive solution still being worked on by the good folks at IPACS.

    I can confirm it works for the Steam edition without ANY hassle. Downloaded it, clicked on the .exe file and it found the Aerofly Steam directory and completed the install without any intervention from me.

    And WHAT a scenery it is!!!!! Incredible detail, superb frame rates and drumroll: the R22 is able to Hover in Ground Effect at the ramp at Lukla, and takeoff into the valley!!! You CAN also turn right towards Everest but forget any ambition to proceed to Base Camp or anything like that. There are a couple of helipads down in the valley though and a carefully planned approach can be carried out to a successful landing. If we now can get 2 things - a Twin Otter and a Squirrel - Aerofly FS2 will leave all other sims for dust in VR use. ANd as a boneus (for me) the latest version of NextLevel Platform manager, 2.87 has restored motion, kind-of... Only Pitch and roll, accelleration and deceleration doesnt have the telemetry update rates to work properly, but at least the chair now moves with the aircraft during flight. Overall, a good day in my sim-world!!!

    We will update everyone shortly. We just need to work on some items a little bit more before we can speak about them.

    We know that it's been a while since you have heard from us, and we apologize for that, however we have been working on a lot of changes internally to prepare for better days to come :)

    We will try harder to update everyone better in the figure.

    Looking forward to your news!

    We never mentioned motion platform support will not be available publicly. The current interface used for motion platforms was never intended for this purpose so we are working on a new and clean interface specifically for this. The use of external DLLs to drive and change VR orientation as well will also cause issues in the future as well, so we need to provide another interface here also.

    It will indeed be very welcome if telemetry supporting Motion Platforms once again becomes available. And you are of course right that you have never stated publicly that it will NOT become available, but at the same token - nor have you made any undertakings or promises that it WILL eventually become available. There's no sour grapes - your product - your rules, and I was merely saying that after 6 months my expectations are very reserved. Sensational if it happens - if it doesn't we move on.

    Cheers - Eivind

    To make it short. It is a dedicated development for professional training platforms ;-)

    Just as I suspected. Sadly, the history of technological development is riddled with the remains of companies developing a "closed architecture" in preference to "open source". Competing sims are sniffing at the heels of IPACS in terms of VR-performance, provided you have the fastest CPU and GPU that (resonable) money can buy. Once Metal is introduced, they may well be on par, so I will miss AFS2 even less than I do now (I have almost completely stopped using it after telemetry disappeared).

    Ah of course. I wasn’t willing to pay for their expensive seat mover so I purchased DOFREALITY and I’m very happy with it. I’ve also modded mine so that pedals and joystick/ throttle are all off the floor which makes a huge difference imo.

    Yeah, I've done the same thing on the NLR 3.0 - cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals, track-ball and throttle quadrant all off the floor, welded to the seat-frame of the motion platform. Makes a huge difference in immersion!

    I use BK, with a dedicated amplifier, and I can shake the chair pretty well. I can also filter the bandwidth and I don't think there is any spectrum issue. Yes sound channel is not the same as if we had a motion channel, but still it works pretty well. Now if I could get the audio in the rift and the BK at the same time without using some 3rd party crap software, that would be ideal.

    Incidentally I only fly stuff that makes noise (jet, helo, F4U, etc..), no surprise airliner don't shake much, that would be the point usually.:)

    You have tried Voicemeeter I hope? If you haven't - give it a go. Excellent donationware to split audio-signal inputs and output. Works really, really well for exactly what you want to do - run the Rift and the Buttkicker at the same time.

    interesting. So you feel its an audio spectrum issue rather than merely a volume issue. I wonder if we can get some input here from blacksmoke55 , he knows his audio.

    Yeah, good Buttkicker response requires low frequencies. It is essentially a "sub-woofer" that instead of sending the audio signal to a loudspeaker, sends it to a off-centre vibrating motor. Great for engine-Rumble, turbulence, ground feedback etc.

    I have no idea either, I uninstalled it (NLR 2.84.R9), re-booted the PC, re-installed it - still, nothing, re-booted the PC - still nothing. So, it seems that there’s no telemetry from AFS2 (beta) discernible to NLR 2.84.R9. All other programs using telemetry seems to be working fine (X-plane, DCS, Dirt, No Limits, Project Cars are the ones I tested.)

    Are you using the beta-version of AFS2 Raging Beard?

    What is NLR? Do you not use simtools? Am I missing something? I have the DOFreality 2 DOF seat mover (custom designed so that all controls are off the floor) and simtools.

    NLR is “Next Level Racing” and their V3 is a pitch and roll (2-axis) motion seat base. They use their own proprietary software, incorporating VRHeadway, motion compensation to cancel out seat-induced movements from the VR headset, ie keeping your head “still” in cockpit, as the aircraft pitches and rolls. Here’s a link to their Australian distributor…ng-motion-platformv3.html

    When reading the thread-header, I shouted: "HALLELUJAH" and run to the computer to get crackin!. Downloaded the NLR 2.84 Beta software via the link and followed the instructions to update the firmware for the NLR v3. So far I've tried both "No ACC' and "ACC" version, both with the default settings and the changes to roll- and pitch intensity, but as of yet - there is NO movement at all being derived by telemetry from Aerofly FS2, using the latest version in Steam Beta channel. In the "Help & Support" tab within the NLR Beta version 2.84, among "known issues" are listed the following:

    "Aerofly FS2 - Since the R22 update, the 'accelerations' data rate is 1Hz and 'bank/pitch' data rate is 10Hz. In order to work with that slow telemetry rates, two profiles have been introduced. None of them is perfect, because the issue is inside the game engine.

    1.Aerofly FS2-ACC: It uses interpolated accelerations to drive the motion platform at the cost of 1 s latency

    2.Aerofly FS2-NO ACC: It uses only bank and pitch to drive the motion platform at the cost of 100mS latency."

    So, not sure where to go from here. I'll keep tinkering and will report bank if I have any joy, but so far nothing. Motion platform works well with all other games and profiles in the latest update I just described, and yes - I have tried turning it off and then on again;-)

    Cheers all - any input or suggestions welcome