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  • Hi Kenneth, thanks for getting in touch and for your remarkably kind comments. I have a history of getting people annoyed by saying similar things! I get "So you mean that I (!) am one of ........." all the time. It is a special skill.
    I wrote it late at night on a phone and should have re-read it more than I did but I just didn't spot the unintended clash possibility, we all suffer (!) the same thing with text messages. Voice communication is a thousand percent more idiot proof.
    Thanks again and very best wishes.

  • KJKsimmer: Your final comments in the "Just a thought" thread before the moderators closed the discussion was extremely well thought out and articulated, as well as pertinent and appropriate. I am an authorized/vetted beta tester for the upcoming "FlyInside" flight simulator. Worthy competition to AFS2 is on it's way. As you so well expressed, us loyal fans of AFS2 would like to see the simulator thrive and expand. Marshaling 3rd party contributors would seem to be a way to help make that happen.

    • Hello Roy

      If I had a more modern computer (this one is seven years old), I would also love to beta test the upcoming flyinside sim. However, I don't even use VR at this stage, so it would be a pointless exercise for them and myself. Enjoy the journey with it, and I am sure your experience with AFS2 will also provide pointers to the flyinside team on what to do, and maybe not do in the development of a new platform.

      I consistently am amazed by the AFS2 methodology. They just don't value the fact that they have a sincere, experienced, and knowledgeable group of ardent fans at their disposal. Most companies would almost kill for such a resource, as both a body of industry-experienced advocates for their product, and a feedback system for product improvement. But, this seems to go right over their heads. I find that astounding.

      But equally astounding is that they respond so glibly to our commercial warnings. Yes, other platforms will appear, and should they overtake AFS2 in what they offer, there is every chance the fan base will migrate there. Part of me remains convinced therefore that their intended market for AFS2 was never the ardent flight simmer, it was the gamer (first on tablets, and then in VR). Everything they have done (and not done) seems indicative of that perception. Time will tell us where the future lies for them.

      Anyway, I appreciate you taking time to write to me. Thank you for that. May you have a good remainder of the weekend.

      Best regards

      Kenneth James Kerr

    • Kinda reminds me of something I experienced several years ago. There was an RC plane maker called "Grand Wing Servo" (GWS). Through extrapolation of observations regarding their business, it became obvious to me that they were destined for bankruptcy. In an effort to get them to wake up, I said so on their forum as politely and political correct as I could -- providing examples/reasons. The forum moderator forbade me from ever posting on their forum again. Twelve months later they were bankrupt.