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  • Hi Jinx,

    I see you did a fine job on FSCloudPort making the NoCo Regional Airport in Colorado.

    Would you be able to create something for the Boulder Municipal Airport to the south?

    No pressure. Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Hey GregDude, I added a quick and dirty KBDU for you, main runway, a few hangars, and a few parked planes. If you would like, I can add you as a contributor for the airport in FSCloudPort. Its very easy to edit airports with it, but kinda limited in scope. It would be easy to fill out more hangars and other buildings though. Are you local to Boulder? I've only visited the airport a few times myself.

    • Awesome! Thank you, just tried it out, and it looks great :)

      If 'contributor' means I can learn FSCloudPort some day and add some more buildings, then sure. If it means any kind of authorship credit, then certainly not. I don't have an account with FSCloudPort if that is required.

      I'm not local to Boulder, but have visited both the city and airport a few times, so it holds some personal meaning. Some nice scenery around the Rockies there.

      Thanks again!