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  • So, I'm not sure if I know how to post to this forum. I'm not seeing any replies, and am curious if there is a button I should find on the screen to put this out for all to read. There is a submit on this screen, so I assume that shares with all in the forum?

    I have had 2 profile hits, so maybe someone has read my posting? If someone could offer a reply of a simple "hello" it would let me know I'm getting past my wall. I'm usually good with message boards, but this one is a bit confusing.

    Any advice from an experienced user would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi All,

    I'm just getting started into RC helicopters. I'm a Mac user, so I bought the Aerofly to practice. I set up a heli on my Spektrum DX6 G3 TX, and use the WS2000 dongle to connect to the computer. I set up the model in the TX, then tried to use it after connecting to RC8. It worked OK, but I couldn't get to the different flight modes, etc. after I configured the TX. So, I start reading the manual for RC7/8. It shows the "Advanced Channel Setup" and I take a guess that I fumbled by not reading the directions. So I make the changes to the "ACS" and the model works quite well, and even has throttle cut, stunt 1, stunt 2. I'm happy at this point and fly till my thumbs are tired.

    I close down the app, etc. until next time. I open the app, connect the TX, then go and check the "ACS" and I find that my settings weren't "saved", even though, when setting up that part, there is a button with the word "SAVE" on it.

    I rebuild the settings, and then make sure I click save. To test it, I close the app. then reopen. Sure enough, the SAVE button isn't working. Or I'm doing something wrong.

    So, can someone tell me if this is a correct response from the app, or if I'm supposed to re-enter all my settings EVERY STINKING TIME I USE THE SIM ??? That sure seems ridiculous if the app is truly set up like that. I have looked through the manual and cannot find further instructions.

    Thanks in advance for your advice/answer