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A couple of people have asked how to make the Katana electric. I did this by editing the files generated by Aerofly RC when you modify an exisiting plane. I worked out how to make the motor electric by looking at code made by JP Aria. Here is what I did.

1. First make a modified version of the Katana using the editor in RC10. You don't have to make any changes, just give it a new name like "Katana Electric" and save.

2. Now you need to find the file you created. It is in the "aircraft_mod" directory for RC10.

3. Open the most recently created "katana__00x.tmc" file and check that it has your new name in it. The "x" will be a number. If you haven't created mods for the Katana before it will probably be "0". Now In my file on line 29 it says:

<[string8][Text][Katana Elec]>

4. Now you have identified the tmc file, we are going to overwrite it. Say your tmc file was "katana__001.tmc" - then we will modify the following files:

  • katana__001.tmc
  • katana__001.tmd

We are now going to overwrite these files. Open them in a text editor and replace them with following content:



5. That's it. Save your modified files and restart aerofly rc. Once there, you can load your modified Katana and fly it. I have tested this on Aerofly RC 10,9,8 (MacOS) and Aerofly RC10 (Windows).