New Update Posted to Steam Today!

Greetings fellow flight simmers,

as we move forward we are occasionally able to release updates related to aircraft systems due to the tireless efforts by one of our members of the development team, Jan!

Well today is no different. today we released another 'aircraft functionality' update for all of you to enjoy.

Have a look below to see what has changed. For those of you that are participating in our beta channel you may find some redundancy here.

* Added B777 added camera display page that renders three real-time cameras. Due to the performance impact this is only available on desktop

* Added A320, B777 and B747 (M)CDU FIX-INFO page with ability to draw navigation fixes on navigation displays, i.e. distance rings and radials

* Added B777 PFD and ND with new features: angle of attack indicator, LNAV/VNAV and ILS display at the same time, LNAV/VNAV deviation bars on the PFD

* Changed B777 PFD and ND with modernized style: more spacing between instruments, flight mode annunciator with gray background, ILS info, ILS deviation bars outside of attitude indicator, location of the radar minimums display, updated PLAN mode, MAP centered mode compass rose

* Added B747 and B777 PFDs and NDs added invalid-data-flags: e.g. when air data or inertial reference unit is not available, added time to IRS alignment on ND

* Added B777 EFB (electronic flight bag) displays basic airport diagram

* Added B777 and B747 CDU route creation and adjustments now possible with LEGS page, RTE page and DEP/ARR pages as well as VNAV pages

* Added B777 and B747 NDs added top of climb and green arc for distance to target autopilot altitude

* Fixed A320 depature now selectable again from route origin airport

* Fixed B747 clickspots for the thrust levers now following the visible position again

* Fixed F18 ADF bearing pointer now displayed on HSI

* Fixed B777 landing gear now in proper damping mode for landing, no longer behaves like a spring

* Fixed B777 top of descent point on the navigation display now displayed where the actual descent starts

* Fixed B777 LAND 3 now properly displayed during autoland

* Fixed B777 CDU now displays aircraft model as B777 and correct engine type

* Fixed B777 CDU displayed pitch trim for takeoff corrected

* Changed B777 increased drag during glide, more drag from speedbrakes and from extended landing gear

* Changed B777 CLB, CLB 1, CLB 2 now provide equal amounts of thrust at higher altitudes which enables a quicker climb at high altitude

* Changed Autobrake now uses deceleration rate as the target, CAUTION: This increases the typical landing distances but is more realistic

* Fixed copilot issue fixed that would prevent the autopilot to properly track the cruise altitude (e.g. in the B777)

* Fixed autopilot minor fixes to behavior of VNAV buttons

* Fixed autopilot now engages all three autopilot on B777 and B747 when localizer is already captured and autopilot is engaged afterwards

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