Featured Aerofly FS 2023 Mobile Version Now Available for Android and iOS!

Aerofly FS 2023 Mobile Flight Simulator

Now Available for Android

Available on the Google Play Store for Android devices

and on Apple App Store for iOS.

Aerofly FS 2023 Trailer Video

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Aerofly FS 2023 New Features

Please note that some aircraft and scenery are only available as in app-purchase

  • New high resolution aerial images for Europe
  • New U.S. East Coast Region
  • New U.S. Washington and Oregon Region
  • New 3D position and directional sound
  • New Concorde
  • New UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter
  • New Fokker DR-1 triplane
  • 1200+ detailed hand made airports with 3D buildings
  • Custom landmarks (points of interest)
  • Large aircraft fleet: airliners, helicopters, jets, gliders as well as historical and general aviation aircraft
  • Stunning aircraft detail with incredible system depth
  • Interactive cockpits with realistic autopilot and flight management computer simulation
  • Cold and dark startups
  • Real time dynamic landing lights and airport flood lights
  • Air Traffic
  • Missions
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • Adjustable weather conditions
  • Pilot logbook and achievements