Featured The Concorde is Now Available for Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator PC

The Concorde is now added as a free update to Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator!

This update also includes several bug fixes for other aircraft.

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A tutorial for the Concorde is also available on our website:

Concorde Flight Tutorial | Aerofly FS

Change log

  • Added Concorde to the default aircraft fleet
  • Fixed A380 and B787 engine instruments and system pages drawn properly again
  • Added A380 takeoff securing function, checking takeoff flaps and trim against MCDU entered values during takeoff configuration test
  • Changed UH-60 increased required torque for stationary hover
  • Changed UH-60 EICAS displays ENG 1 and 2 STARTER ON message on left and right side
  • Changed UH-60 battery test lights illuminate even without DC power set on
  • Changed UH-60 pitot heat caution only when switch turned on and no power available
  • Changed UH-60 default switch positions more accurate to real world operation
  • Changed ground sensor maintains a positive signal for a short duration after ground
  • Fixed CRJ-900 autopilot as well as aileron trim now use aileron and roll spoilers together
  • Fixed and corrected several challenge start positions as well as fixes in the challenges and missions menus