Aerofly FS 2 data to XCSoar / iGlide…

  • Hi. I’m having some problems, configuring Aerofly FS 2 external data option.

    On X-Plane:

    X-Plane > XCSoar - Computer :)

    X-Plane > iGlide - iPad (IP address + port) :)

    On Aerofly FS 2 I can’t get it to work… Both the computer and the iPad, can’t receive any data…

    *Anyone knows the proper address and port, to insert on aFS2 configuration?

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    Kind regards to all,


  • Please follow our user manual for this. It has to be done a certain way.


    Also please keep in mind, this is not X-Plane. Also there were only a couple of applications that were tested with this function. They are noted on the Wiki

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  • Thank you for the help. I already managed to make ‘XCsoar’ work with Aerofly.

    Only ‘iGlide’ is giving me problems… Apple and its usual thing… the walled garden!

    Gliders Flight Computers

    XCSoar for Android/Kobo/Windows/Linux/macOS (free)

    iGlide for iOS IPhone/iPad (not free)

    Kind regards to all,


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