Sunken and double airplanes at KEGE and KMRY ORBX

  • How you know, i purchased ORBX KEGE and KMRY for my Aerosoft box. Download and installation both worked very well. But now I have the problem, that I can watch at both airports double and sunken airplanes!? Is it possible to delete the double planes by hand from the specific folder? What can I do also against the sunken planes. I think, the sunken planes are the original IPACS plane of both sceneries!?

    Thank you for all your efforts.



  • Hello IPACS-Team,

    Is there any news for or about the update? ;)
    Thank you very much for all your efforts and great work.

    Many regards


  • Aerofly FS2 Aerosoft Box has been updated to version

    Owner of the Aersoft box can obtain the update from the Aerosoft Support Database and via

    Thank you very much to all who worked for it! :):thumbup: