Flightsimulator multiscreen/multiplayer

  • Hey!

    When I playing FS 2 how I can make multiscreen or can I play this simulator with my friend (2 players in same aircraft)?

    And are there multiplayer? (Its too boring play singlegame) And is this possible create to this simulator?:)

  • I don’t know about multiscreen support but wouldn’t be surprised if it can be done.

    But multiplayer isn’t possible at this time. We don’t know when or if you will be able to share cockpits or fly with others and see their planes.

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  • As Aerofly2 uses simconnect as does Vatsims latest pilot client (VPilot), is it not possible for the two to speak to each other or is it a case that other players aircraft cannot for some reason be injected into aeerofly?

  • Captain Enjoy.

    Sorry, but I cannot agree with you on the scenery being boring, although I agree that being able to fly with someone else would be a great addition.

    Boring, no. There is so much to dig out in amongst the scenery eg airports/airfields. Go through the net or other persons posts and look for all the above. There's just so much to do. Mind you if you are a tube flyer then I suppose it would be boring IMHO, and of course it depends too what you have bought eg Innsruck LOWI, there's just so much contained in there.


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