The Future of cultivation

  • i know its meant to be an evolving feature, but the more I look at the state of cultivation in relation to advancements in other sims, the more i wonder just how things are progressing.

    In particular, I see that both X-plane and P3D orbx sceneries have incorporated technologies that match building footprints precisely in their Cityscene and Truearth ortho based sceneries, and I know that Aerofly versions are planned, but I wonder if Ipacs cultivation has progressed to the point of matching these other sceneries (Netherlands and PNW for starters) or whether we will still be seeing Squares and rectangles for Aerofly.

    from the Ipacs side.

    I'm just wondering, because I've been watching threads here carefully and looking hard for cultivation advancements, and haven't been able to get and sense of what's going on with footprint-matching technology from the ipacs side and whether we will be seeing it in upcoming Orbx/Ipacs sceneries

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  • It's probably more in the hands of 3pds coming to AEFS2 ( ? )

    Yet one of these days there was a thread about something like Ortho4xp being developed for AEFS2.

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  • I am thinking about the same thing.

    Flight simulation is evolving towards more realism. And the trend has be become more and more clear:

    1. the photoreal ground texture as represented by Aerofly FS 2;

    2. the automated 3d cultivation as represented by World2XP;

    3. the high quality commercial scenery as represented by ORBX.

    These are different layers that complement each other. Now we are seeing 1 and 3 more and more for Aerofly FS 2, but the very essential 2 is still missing, and that would make the future incomplete.