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    Thank you so much for the tremendous work. Can you shed some lights on how you did it? I am really curious about how the flight dynamics and cockpit modelling can be done.

    We're already working on big new features behind the scenes but it's too soon to announce them. Big and important features but also new and Aerofly FS unique features are currently being worked on.

    That's the most encouraging words to hear. It's great you are being inventive and adventurous. I really wish you prosperous!

    Aerofly FS 2 has been my favourite sim for the past several years. With all my love I feel more and more the urgency and I have to express it here.

    The wind is changing. The big player is coming, and it's coming fast. There is less than a year left for Ipacs to make some critical decisions. We all have to adapt to the change.

    With limited resources, Ipacs can't change everything in such a short time. So the question remains to be what the priority will be. Everybody has his own preference, but it's not time to please everybody. You have to consider your advantage and appeal in the face of the new situation. Keep the core advantage, mend the holes, and look for some new selling points that might not be available from the opponent.

    Core advantage: Modern engine, nice graphics, low computer requirement, VR, easy to get into...please keep up the good work!

    Holes: for me the lack of water is a major hole that needs to be mended as soon as possible.

    New selling points: I don't think FS2 can compete with other sims in air dynamics and study level aircraft realism, so we have to develop our unique attractions. Sometimes we can even turn weakness into strong points. As other sims are aiming at the more serious simmers, FS2 can appeal to the more general public, and the newbies who want to fly. Yes that would be a big market, and the interest will be at its new height as MS is entering the market again. I am thinking FS2 can really do better in flight lessons, aircraft tutorials, and missions. Make flight training easier and more immersive, and more people will be hooked. I am thinking of a lifelike AI instructor that sits beside the player and teach you everything hand-in-hand. You can also consider strengthening the "game" aspect of the game. After all, flight simulation is game, isn't it?

    It's a time of challenge, and challenge can lead to change. Wish you all well!

    I have Index, Reverb, Pimax 5K+ and almost all the other major headsets. Reverb is definitely of the highest perceived resolution among all, but it has critical flaw of flickering now and then, so we should wait for HP for the revised edition. Immediately following Reverb are Index and 5K+, which are both of higher perceived resolution than Samsung Odyssey. 5K+ and Index are of nearly the same perceived resolution. Of course 5K+ has much bigger FOV, but Index looks "cleaner" and more "in focus" than 5K+, so the view of Index is definitely more pleasant than 5K+. Also Index is more comfortable to wear than 5K+ with Deluxe Audio mod. The FOV of Index is noticeably bigger than Oculus, Vive, and all the Windows MR headsets.

    With the above observation, my choice of headset for flight sim and other apps is Valve Index. I'd suggest just buy the headset alone, as the Index controller has the "click" problem, and it would be sensible to wait for the revised edition.

    If you have patience, you can also wait for the revised Reverb, but I am pessimistic about their efficiency.

    That sounds very tempting. Pity there is none in stock.