Does Geoconvert have limits on the amount of orthophotos to process?

  • Hello, yesterday I started the processing with Geoconvert of 3590 orthophotos (75MB each) for a total area of about 15000 square kilometers, from level 9 to level 15. The problem is that after 24 hours the process is still at 0% even though the CPU is used at 90%. Do you think Geoconvert is able to finish the conversion? And how long will it take? 8|

  • I may be reading this wrong but this appears to be a huge area to process. If you are starting out I would suggest starting very small to make sure it's processing correctly. Follow our wiki tutorials and see if it works better for you. There are also a couple of user created applications that may help you even better. Here's a thread with one of them HERE

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  • Hi, one rookie question...

    If I already made a high res. map surounding a certain airport and now want to make a bigger lower resolution map that surrounds this map, can I just make it with fstiles and geoconvert and just paste it in where the high res map is, or would there be some issues regarding overlaping, masking etc.? Thnx