AeroScenery Beta - Help With Testing Required

  • Hi everyone,

    I've finally made the first release of AeroScenery; the easy to use scenery generation tool for Aerofly.

    It would be great it people could test it out and let me know any feedback.

    You can download AeroScenery 0.6 here (click the msi file)

    Then follow these steps to give it a try

    1) Download and install AeroScenery. Download the Aerofly SDK if you haven't already

    2) Start AeroScenery (you'll find it in the Windows Start menu once installed

    3) Click Settings in the top left and copy the directory of the Aerofly SDK, e.g. C:\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools_20171123\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools

    4) Click somewhere over land on the map to select a tile

    5) Select Google as the image source

    6) Select a zoom level depending on how long you're willing to wait

    7) Under "Generate AFS2 Levels" select the AFS2 Levels you want to eventually output

    8 ) Under "Actions" select "Choose Actions to Run"

    9) Select "Download Image Tiles" and "Stitch Image Tiles"

    10) Click Start

    AeroScenery will now download all the tiles and stitch them together as large PNGs.

    Now to run Geoconvert

    11) Deselect "Download Image Tiles" and "Stitch Image Tiles" and select "Generate AID / TMC Files" and "Run Geoconvert"

    12) Click Start

    GeoConvert should now open and process the images into ttc files that can be used with Aerofly

    AeroScenery - Easily create photoreal scenery for Aerofly

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  • Unhandled exception. SQL logic error. 6 values for 5 columns moments before it finishes downloading 1 of 3 squares.

  • Thanks everyone. Just setting up a clean Virutal Machine now to see if I can reproduce these issues.

    I've attached a sample TMC file and AID file so people can have a look without need to run the app. (Txt extension added so I can attach here)

  • v0.2 is now available ...…s/tag/v0.2-beta

    I've fixed several issues I spotted with AID and TMC files, but Geoconvert still refuses to output anything. :cursing: Soooo frustrating!

    TomSimMuc The localisation issue should now be resolved. Can you try stitching again? That error is usually related to being out of memory, but I couldn't reproduce it. I've improved the way memory is managed when cropping stitched images, let's see if it works now.

    vogel69 Thanks for the spotting those. Now resolved. Unfortunately it didn't make Geoconvert output anything

    @pkaser That's now fixed

    edpatino Thanks. Yes, masks are set to true

    For v0.3 I'll add comprehensive logging so people can just post logs here.

    AeroScenery - Easily create photoreal scenery for Aerofly

  • FWIW I've checked the following things with the AID and TMC files.

    - Lon / lat used not lat / lon

    - Using masks set to true (for now)

    - TMC region coords output with 2 decimal places

    - Write TTC and Raw set to true

    - Output folders for TTC and Raw specified

    - Steps per pixel in AID expressed as decimal not with exponential sign

    AeroScenery - Easily create photoreal scenery for Aerofly

  • Thank you for version 0.2

    Unluckily I still see a comma problem.

    It is present in the .tmc file and .aid file. The .aero however is ok.

    I have 16 GB of RAM, which never has been used more then 50%.

    Please also take note, that in the .aid the coordinates done with POINT, the steps_per_pixel however with comma.

    Cheers, Thomas

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  • Nick,

    for the moment you might stop to deal with the complicated AID file.

    The only thing you need is the png and tfw file as pair and one TMC for all (covering the total area of all pngs to convert).

    Geoconvert will produce the aid file from it.

    The structure of the tfw is very easy:

    minimal tmc lines:

    Try it with one single tile first.

    If that does not work, check your steps_per_pixel calculation!

    Cheers, Thomas

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  • TomSimMuc Finally it lives! Thanks for you help.

    I was contemplating giving tfw a try but then in your other screenshot I noticed that I have an extra square brace in the top_left line.

    This is why IPACS should be using real XML.

    I also wasn't negating the steps per pixel y (makes no sense why, but, hey, if it works).

    v0.3 coming tomorrow with

    - Geoconvert process working

    - Removed all localisation of decimal formatting

    - Logging

    AeroScenery - Easily create photoreal scenery for Aerofly

  • nickhod, PM me if you need a hand for documentation. Will take look on the final version later.

    Best Regards


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  • Version 0.3 is now released with GeoConvert working.…s/tag/v0.3-beta

    It should be possible to generate scenery that works in Aerofly with this version. Let me know how you get on.

    If you experience a problem, the log file is in the app folder. Just attach it here for me to look at.

    Coming in version 0.4

    - Ability to select a different grid square sizes (9, 13 or 14) so that you can download images for airports in at higher zoom levels like 18 and 19

    - Automatic clean up of downloaded image tiles if required

    - Latest version check on startup

    AeroScenery - Easily create photoreal scenery for Aerofly

  • Hello Nick,

    Thank you for v0.3

    I tested it and the program ran fine the first 3 steps.

    Zoom Level 17, AFS2 Level 11 +12

    However when geoconverting started, it only did the first 2 Tiles, then died without message.

    When I move 20 from the 30 tiles out of the way, geoconvert ran properly.

    So my recommendation is to start geoconvert in smaller chunks.

    Please prefer the unmasked mode - otherwise adding multiple conversions will get black areas



    Cheers, Thomas

  • However when geoconverting started, it only did the first 2 Tiles, then died without message.



    Thanks for testing.

    It's good that the download and stitch stages are working, but a shame that GeoConvert is dying.

    In the GeoConvert folder there should be a tm.log file. If you can reproduce the problem could you attach the GeoConvert log here.

    I'll have to look at copying the contents of the GeoConvert log into the AeroScenery log to make error reporting like this easier.

    I'll add some options GeoConvert options in the AeroScenery settings (masks, create raw files etc)

    AeroScenery - Easily create photoreal scenery for Aerofly