Orbx Netherlands

  • Hi All,

    Still loving Aerofly in VR (At least when I get the free time to use it) Bought the Netherlands scenery, unfortunately can't download because my C: drive only has 21gigs free. I have terabytes on my other drive, is it possible to point the scenery to another drive?

    Edit - Am using FTX central to download, settings menu doesn't seem to have any path options.


  • I think you need to opt into the Fastlane: https://support.orbxdirect.com…0167255-What-is-Fastlane- After doing so you should be able to update Central after which you get the option to set the path for the temp files.

    For some (very odd) reason Central hardly gets any updates unless you do this. I also wonder why they called this 'Fastlane' and not something logical like 'beta option'. The option to set the path has been there for ages already but you still won't get it without Fastlane.