facetracknoir and AFS2?

  • Nope.

    I made my own head tracker using 3 LEDs and Sony Playstation camera and removed the IR lens and used a piece of old Kodak film as a filter. This looked very promising but I never managed to get the tracking how I wanted it. Always messing with position of my head, the camera, distance to the camera and other light sources in the room. I bought the Delanclip but I kept having problems with calibration and curves in facetracknoir.

    Finally I bought the Oculus rift and never looked back. I know, this is not the answer to your question but I wanted to share my experience with you.

    I haven't tried TrackIR but what I believe it is much better out of the box.

    If you insist on building your own tracker make sure to buy a camera with removable ir lens. I bought the PlayStation cam for 5 dollars.

    Good luck,


  • I've got a Delan clip so I use Facetracknoir, it works perfectly on DCS World but i've never managed to make it work on AFS2. I've made two posts on this forum about this problem, never had any answer. So no, I don't recommend FaceTrackNorIr for Aerfoly

    (BTW: The delan clip bundle witch contain the face tracking device and the PS3 camera already modified cost only 40£ so it's a very good deal, I highly recommend it)