Adding a Green & White Flashing Tower Beacon

  • Adding a tower beacon just takes 4 steps:

    1) save the beacon template file below into your \scenery\places\(airport) folder where the (airport).tsc file is located and name it "(airport)-beacon.toc"

    2) edit the first line to match your airport / file name you just saved

    3) copy your airport tower lonlat coordinates from your airport tsc file and paste them into the position lines on rows 6 & 13 of the new file

    NOTE - you may have to adjust the height of the 2 lights if your tower is taller than 15 meters (increase the "15" after the lonlat numbers)

    4) add a new toc section to the end of your airport's tsc file and reference your new beacon.toc file


  • kenventions September 29, 2018 at 5:12 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “Adding a Green & White Tower Beacon” to “Adding a Green & White Flashing Tower Beacon”.
  • I've tweaked the flashing tower beacon toc file to increase the flashing diameter so you can see it at a greater distance from each airport and I raised the default height to 35 meters as it's easier to experiment with the height if you start with it too high and then tweak it down.

    TIP - if you have 2 airports close to each other and you don't want both beacons flashing in sync, adjust the highlighted delay values below by equal amounts. The 2 beacons currently each flash about once every 4 seconds but with delay values of 0 & 3, the green light flashes about 2 seconds after the white light. If you set the 2nd airport beacon to delays of 1 & 4, it will flash white after the first airport beacon flashes white.

    With big cities, the flashing beacons make it easier to locate the airports among all the city lights.