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    What is the trick to get FS2 TOC files to work in FS4?



    I did Boardman (M50), this airport creation tool is fairly easy to use, took about 20 minutes to create the airport with runways, taxiway lines, taxiway lights, and objects. I agree with Michael's feedback, as well as the others. If possible it would be nice to zoom in closer when marking the edges of the taxiways, and center taxiway line. If make a mistake drawing a line I haven't figured out how to delete just one point, I have to exit the program and add the line again.

    I also did Portland (KPDX) when doing the crossing runway there were no errors when saving it, hopefully this has fixed the crossing runway issue from FSCP.

    ApfelFlieger I tried importing a previously created airport, when it opens up on the map the runway doesn't line up, its off about 90 degrees.


    The folder per default has less than 2MB. Are you using user created content?

    In the main.mcf file there is an option to specify another folder on another drive for example. If you have too many user created aerial images you can try this.


    I have images from FS2 that I want in FS4, I'm using the extra_user_folder in the main.mcf, and fixed the problem it works now.


    I use AC3D to create airport runways and taxiways, I think I paid $99 for the software. Rodeo has YouTube tutorials on using AC3D to create a basic airport. ryansumei has YouTube tutorials on how to do airports with crossing runways, and how to do taxiways using AC3D. There’s no audio with ryansumei’s tutorials. I did write out the process using the video.

    The link to the tutorial is in the forum under General Discussion-New AC3D Airport Tutorial by ryansumei.

    Hope this helps


    Hard to say only because the ground does not look very steep?

    Usually the problems occur when you have to create taxiways / ramps around grass. But like you said, you've created 3 airports successfully.

    Frustrating because these things take time to create.

    The ground is pretty flat. I did 3 airports without any issues, now I have issues which is frustrating considering the amount of time it takes to do the taxiways/ramps. If I can’t figure out the problem I can move the vertices manually to create the taxiways not ideal. Rodeo has a tutorial on creating KOMK and doing taxiways I might go back and look at that too.

    I think the issue is the ground not being flat. I re-did the taxiway making sure not to cross or get close to the vertices for the outside airport mesh. Still had the same issue. I’ve done 3 other airports with no issues.


    Another 'perhaps this is your issue' ;)

    Based on my similar experiences.

    It's your vertices within your mesh colliding with each other most likely due to duplicate / overlapping. It usually happens when using the 'extrude edges' function. Extrude edges function is best used for outer vertices, this way they can not overlap already existing vertices.

    My workaround was to completely redo everything, and make sure I had enough vertices within.

    I place a mesh over the airport, cut away the runway, I use a method from ryansumei to create the taxiways. So I don’t extrude the vertices. I need to look at the tutorial again I might be missing a step, and look to see if any vertices are overlapping the outside mesh.

    This screenshot doesn't really show the flashing well. I used AC3D to create the the airport, and used the textures from the Scenery Workshop. The runway is fine, the taxiways and ramp flash or flicker constantly allowing the mesh to come through.


    Just checking in to see if this project is still alive and well? Or has the wonderful Summer weather been a distraction?

    He’s still working on the project, IRL flying and life has slowed things down. I’ve been doing airports for the project, it’s a slow process as well. Eventually it get done.

    Hi Jan,

    When the plane crosses the clipped areas sometimes the wheels sink a bit, then come back up, I noticed when on the clipped areas that the plane will bounce a little. So does that mean the runway mesh didn't flatten correctly?


    Does anyone know what is causing this? This was created with AC3D, The only time I've seen something similar to this is with parallel runways in FS Cloudport.