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    If you do a search on clouds I believe there is an explanation that the current clouds were provided by a third party and that more realistic clouds would have to be part of a future weather engine addition.

    add common Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator/scenery/places/USA/fl there are 5 files /cultivation 2.Miami-port ,3 Miami city, 4 key bridge_02,;and 5. key-bridge_01


    Are these the same 5 folders?

    Also, does your FS2 link in Steam have the [beta] suffix?

    If not, right-click on the link and click on the BETA tab and choose the beta dropdown option (no code needed, leave blank), then exit. Steam should start updating your version to the beta version.

    I don't think so.

    Do you have any other Florida addons installed under your Documents > Aerofly FS 2 > scenery > places folder?

    My guess is that you don't have the same addons installed on your laptop & PC. If you have old addons on your PC, you should delete those folders.

    Based on this reasoning of yours, could I erase FS 2 from my hard drive and download it again from Steam on another brand new CPU? . This is because I have to buy a more powerful PC than the current one. Is that possible ?

    Steam allows you to install FS2 on 2 different PCs under the same account but you can only play one or the other - not both at the same time.

    I think you can right-click on the Aerofly link in Steam and select uninstall and it will remove it from your PC's hard drive but it will still be in your Steam account available for download again.

    what holds me back is the fear of nausea.

    VR nausea is a possibility when either 1) you do a flight maneuver that would generate a change in forces on your body, or 2) your frame rates are too low, causing confusion with what your brain expects to see.

    - when flying level and constant speed, you can look around with little nausea risk

    - if you fly like a commercial pilot (smooth, gradual maneuvers), also little nausea risk

    - if you fly like an aerobatic pilot (rolls, loops, etc), nausea is likely for first-timers - might want to keep those flights short (10 min)

    Being able to naturally scan the horizon and look overhead in the F-18 is amazing, particularly when inverted over an airport 8)

    Here's my quick list of 50 points-of-interest in the Apollo50 add-on at 9:56pm CST when man first stepped on the moon on July 20th ...

    Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and adjacent buildings / train depots
    Launch Clock
    Saturn V Crawler-Transporter
    Pad 39A with Saturn V
    Apollo 11 Command / Service Module in flight (top of launch arc)
    Apollo 11 Lunar Module on the lunar surface
    Apollo 11 Command Module re-entry
    Apollo 11 splashdown
    Hornet aircraft carrier
    Visitors Center
    Apollo50 Center that you can fly through
    Hubble Telescope
    Pad 39B with Space Shuttle
    NASA Shuttle Landing Facility (KTTS)
    Space Shuttle on top of 747 carrier
    Space Shuttle at high altitude
    Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip (KXMR)
    SpaceX Landing Zones 1 & 2
    SpaceX Landing Barge
    Rocket Garden
    Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX)
    Port Canaveral with Cruise Ships / Observation Tower
    USS Ohio Submarine
    Cape Port Bridge
    Causeway Bridge
    Bluepoints Marina Boat Storage
    RV Park
    Merritt Island Airport (KCOI)
    Indian River Power Plant
    Patrick AFB (KCOF)
    Orlando Melbourne International Airport (KMLB)
    Arthur Dunn Airpark (X21) with intersecting grass runway and lighted tennis courts
    Rockledge Airport (21FA)
    Valkaria Airport (X59)
    Sun Collector Field
    Animated Ships & Sailboats
    Golf course flags
    Helipads (multiple starting points)
    KTIX Piers
    Jason & Pilot Jennifer animations
    Fire station
    Lighted Water Towers
    Lighted Radio Towers
    Working Traffic Lights
    Tom's yellow tiny car
    Rodeo's VW Bus
    Michael's red Matra-Simca
    Ray's 1967 Corvette Stingray