VR Hands wow I am impressed!

  • ok I know VR hands came out earlier this year and I dismissed it pretty much from the release but I gave it a go again today with the Learjet and I am very very impressed, It take some time getting used to but i can see this as the future, also some tips, make sure your sensors are able to beam below your desk because that is where your yoke, fmc etc is located in the flight deck and make sure to just keep practicing because ti does take some time to get used to it.

    There are some knobs still abit hard to turn like the FO course knob in the learjet however i think it is more on my part to keep practicing and practicing and getting used to the VR hands ! :thumbup:

  • Yea VR hands are absolutely amazing in terms of immersion and for pressing all kinds of knobs. You feel like you are in the cockpit.

    Except for yoke and throttle, where I need some tactile physical controller to make smooth adjustments.

    I think a mixed setup works very well, using the right hand as VR hand, and having the left hand free for yoke control. I have installed my trim wheel on the left side of the yoke so I can also trim with the free hand, too. During landing I lay the touch controller aside, so I can adjust throttle manually. I couldn't go ever go back to 2D flying, despite the bad resolution in VR. Just looking around in the cockpit and having that realistic sense of depth for all the controls is awesome. And if its hard to read you can just lean a little bit forward, like you would irl, too.

  • The thing to remember is to move back from your desk, essentially to the middle of the room, so that the sensors can see you. Also remember that you can make the yoke disappear my clicking at the base of the steering column.

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