Does the VR implementation bring depth perception?

  • I wonder if the implemented VR functionallity brings actual depth perception. Mainly for more realistic higth/distance judging during landing etc... Or does it bring head tracking only?

  • Like most good VR games/apps out there right now RC8 provides very good total immersion. You really feel like you are at the flying field imho. Current VR headset's screen resolution is not as good as 2D flat screens but it is still pretty good and this will probably improve with the next generation of VR headsets (~2021-2022?).

  • Thanks for reply TomC, I guess I should have phrased may question more clearly. To me, immersion and depth perception are seperate functionallity.

    So here goes: Did IPACS introduce stereographics with the VR headsets, resulting in a noticable depth perception?

  • In 4D sceneries you have of course a good depth perception as each eye gets its own and correct view. It's much easier especially for helicopter flying or 3D aerobatics as you can judge a lot better where you model is relative to the airfield.

  • Yes, with 4d fields VR has very good depth projection imho. Even flying around these fields from the cockpit views looks as good as most top end flight sims like AFS2 or XP11. Because it is so immersive when you are doing this sightseeing you have to be careful or you may get airsick, lol!