Will the AFS2 engine support glider towing and release?

  • Michael,

    Sure we can have two moving objects at the same time. Look at all those wind turbines spinning the last year or so in Helgoland. Each one can face a different wind direction and rotate at a different speed. Or the animated guy and girl discussing advanced thrust vectors while standing next to the Cessna somewhere in Utah. How about Jeff’s Cessna and Piper shooting touch and go’s at Key West, or all those boats crisscrossing the harbors in the South Florida dlc as you fly overhead.

    As Jan said these are animation, they have no "physical" existence, they're "sprites" in video game parlance. Jan answered.

    We need a physical object, with physical properties, whether we can later attach it to a "sprite" for purely graphic purpose is not the issue for the moment.

    What I meant (sorry for the slight inaccuracy) is "two moving objects with physical properties that are computed" at the same time.

    Jan answered no basically, on 2 moving objects. I understand his explanation.

    Jan thanks for answering AGAIN, It still gives me more clarity.

    I didn't think of 2 planes, 1 object, that is an interesting concept too, but as he pointed out there are serious issues there too. Actually we should probably do 3 "planes" (towing plane, rope and glider) 1 object and under certain conditions the first two (towing plane and rope) detach and follow another path. That leads to a whole load of issues, and I don't know enough about Tmd yet to even have an idea of what to think. It certainly would be a hack.

    Hmm I also like the "engine" idea, I've got to think about that one. I may not need 2 engines, maybe just one "auxiliary" engine that on catapult gets turned on and off (maybe a few seconds of fuel available), creates a huge amount of thrust (and not much "physical" presence so as not to disrupt the flight mechanics). Same engine backwards on cable arresting, same process, turns on if cable has been caught, turns off as speed decreases.

    Harrier, hmmm, yeah not anytime soon from me unfortunately. Or Osprey, of F35 B, although it would be fun to have and a fun challenge to take, but I'd rather do a few other simpler, yet already plenty complicated, planes first.