Streets and taxiways light in Aerofly

  • Here is the problem: As we all know streets light in Aerofly are composed of many individual dots which are placed based on road data. But each dot has the same brightness regardless of its distance form the aircraft. This result in an unpleasant scene that the edge of ground looks eccentrically bright due to high density of dots while it looks darker when getting close. This phenomenon occurs since the last summer update when streets light turned to be more distinct. It seems that this isn’t a big problem when you use a large screen but not everyone has a 25+inches screen isn’t it? So I hope the developers can take some time looking into this problem.

    In addition, would you developers kindly be interested in spending some time adding taxiways light to some of the major airports in the old scenery such as KLAX, KSFO and KJFK? It will look great with those user-created street lights.:)