Is it possible to install RC8 in parallel to RC7 and use both

  • Hello

    I hear many models and sceneries of the RC7 do not (yet) work in RC8.

    So besides wondering if RC8 is worth the upgrade I wonder if I can use it in parallel to RC7 ?

    I also wonder if AS350 Heli of RC7 is in RC8 and if the repaints will work or not.

    I did a lot of repaints also for the Hawk and F-16 which I uploaded to be used for all

    and if I have to pay quite some Euros I would at least be able to use what I already had had in RC7 ...

    Thanks for any advice and hints


  • Hello Michael,

    Aerofly RC 7 and RC 8 are completely independent programs, you can even run them at the same time, though we don't recommend doing that.

    The AS350 is included in Aerofly RC 8, yes.

    Most user made content originally made for Aerofly RC 7, including repaints will not work for Aerofly RC 8 but we are looking into ways to convert aircraft from RC 7 to RC 8. We have seen Arthur converting a couple of his RC 7 aircraft for RC 8, but as far as I know he is currently still beta testing our tools.

    Even if you can't yet use the RC 7 content, RC 8 is a really nice simulator with a lot of the older models flight physics completely overhauled and flying a lot more realistic in my opinion (and the rest of them also got an overhaul). To that feels like getting another 100 new aircraft. Some aircraft you may not have liked in RC 7 could fly much better in RC 8.