Not working with Pimax 5k+ (fixed by Pimax)

  • The Pimax 5K+ is a SteamVr Headset so I thought this should work.

    Apparently the game does not hook though. Steam VR tries to start the game but it doesn't actually work and only shows a splitscreen on the monitor. Positional tracking works though.

    I am trying with the regular launch options -othervr.

    Any workarounds for this?

    I'll have to try get my money back otherwise. The sim is worthless to me to use it flat.

    Fantastic news! Pimax released a new beta PiTool and added a Vive only mode for just these reasons. It works now! Wide FOV high res VR flying - fantastic!

  • Thoemse

    Changed the title of the thread from “Not working with Pimax 5k+ apparently” to “Not working with Pimax 5k+ (fixed by Pimax)”.