Your planes really top level Thank you

  • Hi,

    I know you still have a lot to do in the details, by there is many options not functionnel , but your work is beautiful and exceptional.

    I will help you in my way. on my French blog-forum in showing videos of the inside of cokpits and many other things.

    of course I'm not blind I know there are many things that are too missing in the rest of the simulation.

    but if you to do really want to do evolve Aerofly at the level of P3D and same better, because already

    your level of quality is higher than P3D 4.4.

    if you do not disappoint us in our expectations,I'm sure you'll become the champions of flight simulation.

    P3D at 9 years of existence Aerofly 2.5 years (I do not count the year 2016 because it was a total arcade game not a simulation.)

    We cross fingers, we wait 2022 to see if you have won this challenge.

    Thanks to all the team and Bravo