Michael ( IZOJUB ) and Santiago de Compostela

  • Good afternoon, Michael (IZOJUB)

    I downloaded Venice (Italy) whose author is Rodeo; I guess he has used photoscenery with a high mesh resolution, judging by the perfection and high resolution of the buildings.

    Can anyone tell me what that resolution has been?

    I ask this question because of the following: Since Santiago de Compostela is world famous, I ask Michael, Would it be possible in the process you are doing in this area, to apply exclusively to the city a resolution equivalent to that of Venice?

    Perhaps I am exceeding myself by making this request Michael, but the Apostle of the same name (which according to tradition, here rests), I hope I can reward you since he has more powers than me.

    I repeat, at worst, you already have the process working and this new suggestion may delay that work. If so, I apologize for it, but this city, I sincerely believe that it deserves a deal, at least as careful as Venice? I'm right?

    Well friend, however you may have had the honor of being the first to offer users of this Forum, one of the most charismatic cities in the world, (and that is, of course, also my city!). Just kidding, but ... it's also true.

    As usual, my admiration and deep gratitude for your work of art.

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • delfinpm

    Changed the title of the thread from “Michael ( IZOJUB ) and Santiago de Compostala” to “Michael ( IZOJUB ) and Santiago de Compostela”.