A320 DIR Functon on the MCDU

  • I know the A320 just got a pretty big list of improvements recently, but I was wondering about the DIR functionality on the MCDU. I noticed that you cant actually choose to go direct to a waypoint yet. The screen works, and the waypoint is selected, but when you press "*DIR TO INSERT" It doesnt actually command the AP to fly direct to that waypoint.

    Is this function possibly one that will come of use some time soon?

    Just curious, thanks!


  • Hi Dylan,

    The functionality is as far as I could get it for now. There is no direct to function in the underlying route yet. I can't promise anything and don't know when of if this direct to function will be fully functional.

    As a work around you can try deleting some of the route waypoints, though that doesn't always yield the desired result in terms of "direct to". It just removes large chunks of the route and leaves your stranded far away from the flight plan, you'll have to navigate back to the route manually with heading select.