Miami Airport Towers

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    Today I installed the Aerofly Life Project 1.7 for the first time and saw the Twin Towers at each end of Rwy 08/26 at Miami Intl airport. I followed the advice in the Forum to delete the Miami traffic folder, restarted AFS2 but this did not remove them. I then uninstalled the full Aerofly Life Project 1.7 folder, restarted and this still didn't remove them??

    I then uninstalled the South Florida DLC from within STEAM, reinstalled it and still the Towers are there???

    What's going on, can anyone please explain how to get rid of them?



    EDIT Problem resolved by deleting the miami_traffic folder in the ..\user\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places folder, not the STEAM installed folder.

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  • I see that you resolved the issue yourself before I could respond. I will be uploading a new version with this issue fixed as well as some more additions to the ongoing project soon.

    Miami_traffic was just an internal test that I forgot to take out of the build :)

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