PC melt down, all is lost, well nearly.

  • My PC gave up the ghost big time and I couldn't even get to Safe Mode in Win10 so it was a full install of Windows 10. Result, everything had to be reloaded including FS2 which was straightforward apart from having to get a new reg code. I installed it back onto my G drive where I keep all my flight sim stuff but I've lost all my add ons that I had previously and now I want to get them back but how? I can see them listed on my Steam account but how do I download them again or do they exist somewhere on my PC? :/

  • The advantage of 'Steam' is that under your unique account you can always re-install all the via Steam purchased SW. So, also AFS2 and the possible DLC's you had as extra for it. I supppose that your SSD or HDD where the fresh Win10 is on, still have a mapping-structure where valuable data can be

    retrieved from. The only doubt I have is concerning the 'documents-folder' if you have other 3rd party addon's for AFS2 originally stored on this location. I hope for you that you can restore as maximum possible of your originals, good luck...;)

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