Aerofly_FS_2_External_DLL_VRHeadDataUpdate doesn't work anymore?

  • Hi,

    I was using the function "Aerofly_FS_2_External_DLL_VRHeadDataUpdate" from the dll, in order to get head position and head orientation in Virtual Reality, but it doesn't work anymore.

    It is still working only on another computer with an old version of Aerofly (no internet, so no update since at least one year).

    Here is the code:

    __declspec(dllexport) bool Aerofly_FS_2_External_DLL_VRHeadDataUpdate( ... )


    std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lock_guard{ VR_DataMutex };

    VR_Head_Position = vr_head_position;

    VR_Head_Orientation = vr_head_orientation_quaternion;

    return true;


    Is it a bug from Aerofly or is it a volontary evolution of the code?

    And how can i get the head position and orientation now?

    Thanks for the help...