Suggestion for traffic

  • Hello iPacs friends,

    I was thinking of a temporary alternatives for Aerofly for air traffic.

    We have excellent aircrafts with a TCAS system in AFFS2, but there are no other aircrafts in the world of Aerofly to see it works. So I thought, if it would be complicated just to randomly place another aircraft appearing in the TCAS, not nearby, just to simulate a little more of its operation (even if the aircraft is not visible outside the TCAS). It would be fake, yes, but some people might to like it.

    I also thought of something for the comunications. And if a very basic dialogues were possible so that it could be used on all available aerodromes. For example:

    "Tower, Airliner 1123 request land"

    "Airliner 1123, clear to land on the runway of your choice"

    "Airliner 1123, clear to taxi to the takeoff runway of your choice"

    And the insertion of some real dialogues like FS Passengers for example in Flight Simulator.

    Maybe a crazy idea now, but could be improved with some more complementary ideas.