Pushback/ cockpit of the a320

  • Hello creators of Aerofly:

    So i am not a very long player of your game but i must say i really like it! I am just wondering if you are ver going to change the facts that the cockpit of the airbus a320 is unreadeble for use and there is no pushback so that u cant spawn on the gates what is far more realistic! So maby you can add same as x plane 11 a cominucation defice what you can use to call a pushback truck! I really like youre game aspecialy the lights when it is night time! If the game ever going to make global count me in!

  • 3) Push back: This needs to be done right. We want the push back truck to have it's own physics simulations so that it will be impossible to have the wheels pointing in one direction and have the truck moving in a different direction like you see in "other simulators". We also don't want to constantly teleport the aircraft during push back "like in other sims". The push back truck should obey all laws of physics while it is attached to the aircraft. We don't have it in the sim because we do not want to just hack this in and cause us a headache later on, we want to do this right. The system for loading physics and the push back truck model should also be able to load e.g. an aircraft carrier or other moving vehicles that you can land on, a glider winch, a tow plane, a fuel truck, etc. Combined all this will take less time to implement than hacking in each of these features. But we're still busy with other important features.

    One thing at a time but we'll get there. We're constantly thinking ahead to save us issues down the road which is why we don't usually jump at something just for the sake of having it a.s.a.p. We want new features to work well on all our platforms and to be usable in the future.