aerofly RC 8 simulator how to scan my club's pitch ?

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    I would like to scan my club's pitch to train on it in my Aerofly RC8 simulator.
    I found the tutorial of the procedure and I followed all the steps but it does not work.
    Can anybody help me ??
  • Hello Marco21301,

    this is an info directly from the IKARUS/Aerofly support team.

    According to the workshop you have to create your own scene for the aeroflyRC7 at first. You also have to do all settings in the RC7.

    If your scene works there, the IKARUS support can convert your datas to the RC8.

    If you don´t have an aeroflyRC7 to create your own scene, please send a mail with your RC8 product key to and refer to this thread. Then we can support you with a tool.

    General information: Please note that any technical support for the aeroflyRC7 and aeroflyRC8 is provided as a free mail support via the IKARUS website


    And always have fun with aerofly!

    Your IKARUS Support Team