Autothrottle disconnect with height control

  • When I activate Autothrottle, it is connected with the height control. So if the plane (a320) is to fast, the Autothrottle pulls the nose up to a very steep angle. Otherwise if the plane is to slow it won’t climb.

    So my question is: is there any way, that I could change the Autothrottle that it will control the thrust and not the pitch control?

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    The auto-thrust system doesn't control the pitch of the plane. It only controls the airplane thrust. What you are experiencing is the fly by wire overspeed protection. But that only looks at your speed and doesn't control the engines.

    There are fundamental modes that your auto-thrust can operate in.

    a) hold a speed

    b) full thrust or full idle

    The current mode is shown in the top left of your primary flight display. Only when it shows "SPEED" does it actually control your airspeed.

    You have to manipulate the controls of the autopilot and on the thrust lever to achieve that. These work exactly like in the real world.

    Please check out our detailed flight tutorial:….php/aircraft:airbus_a320

    In essence you have to make sure that

    1. You pull your thrust input back to about 55%. Otherwise you have manual thrust control and you are commanding full thrust. The auto-thrust only activates when you pull the lever back into the CLB detent on the thrust lever. Your slider on the interface then turns green.

    2. You have to activate vertical speed mode on the autopilot or capture the selected altitude. Pull the vertical speed knob out as shown in the tutorial or push it in to level off. Then the auto-thrust system goes from CLB or DES into the desired SPEED mode.

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    We implemented the real world behavior.

    Anything above CLB is manual thrust area as long as you have two operating engines.

    When you try and engage the A/THR on the ground it disengages. When you pull the lever to idle it disengages.

    The state of the A/THR is shown in the top right of the primary flight display.

    If you see a cyan A/THR text then you know the system is armed but not active yet. Move the lever to CLB in the air to engage it.

    When engaged the text A/THR turns white.

    When there is no text at all then it's inactive.

    Takeoff procedure is:
    Move thrust levers to FLX/MCT or TOGA detent for takeoff. Callout "A/THR blue" when it's visible on the primary flight display.

    Rotate, climb to above 1000ft, a "LVR CLB" flashes on the top left of the primary flight display.

    Move thrust levers to CLB. The active mode changes from a white MAN FLX or MAN TOGA to a green "THR CLB" or "SPEED". Now the system operates normal.