Could we see an Aerofly content store, just like the desktop version has?

  • If apple would lose against epic games, that content must be installed trough the app store. Would the developers create like a store, where users can upload their scenery or liveries? I mean if the court says apple must users allow to install content trough other stores, would you allow Aerofly users to create and download addons for the game?

    The Desktop Version has this already so could we see it on mobile as well?

    It would make Aerofly so much better, but also without it Aerofly is a very nice game. So thanks for the developers to offer such a great game:thumbup:.

  • Apple don't like parallel stores, however the possibility to unlock a download by the payment of an Apple in-apps purchase is doable (many games do this way, even the other so-called flight simulators).

    But in this case, it might mean a kind of subscription, because buying again every year the new version of Aerofly FS 202x and all the in-apps might not be appreciated!

    I vote for this idea: France pack, Japan pack, other region packs, plane packs, livery packs, trees pack (*), more buildings packs (*)...

    (*) for the future not existing yet over powerful iPad Pro...

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