​Help for this problem

  • You have to put the .ttx file in the aircraft livery folder and rename it to preview.ttx, then in the menu you see the texture file instead of the aircraft picture and then just take a screenshot of that and crop that to the right size, after you have edited the file save it as .bmp and then you can convert it back to .ttx using Content Converter or Aircraft Converter. If you need any more help then I can help you, you can create a private conversation too if you want.



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  • What would the edition be?

    Maybe I can help you I can take a screenshot at 3840 × 2160 clean and I can even increase the resolution if it is opaque tell which part of the airport you want to edit. If you want you can also talk to me in private. But I don't recommend doing this always or all the time ok? Backup the Airplane and Airport folder before editing. If the preview photo is mirrored you will have to mirror to edit and mirror again to convert!



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