• Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS) ,

    I done to day a Flight with the A320 from Klas-Ksan and i want to insert the star Lyndi3 i presst the Key for Lyndi3 but it has insert the wrong Star i figured out that i need to press one key under the Start that i want.And yesterday i flown the king air and i have a crash hand thies happend with the Gear.But i want say Aerofly Fs 2021 is the best Mobile Flight sim and it’s very realistic.Can you fix the problems?Kind regards,AirbusPilot

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    For some reason the arrival page selection picks the wrong STAR when selecting, that is a known bug which I was able to fix in my developer version already.

    In regards of the landing gear, I guess that was a pretty hard landing then, huh? Ideally in that case the gear would have been ripped off but that is not yet simulated.