Buying AeroflyRC 7/8/9

  • Hi,

    I have Aerofly RC 5. I see that there's discount for newer versions of Aerofly (RC7, RC8). There's also RC 9 to buy. I'm wondering if it's worth to me to buy one of them. I see that RC8 brings support for VR, but I don't have any VR set and I don't plan to buy it. What's more 100 euro is really lot of cash for me, so I want to spend it well.

    Are there any major difference or impovements between those versions (RC5 vs RC7, RC7 vs RC8, RC8 vs RC9)? Is there any comparition of features between RC7, RC8 and RC9?

  • I'd recommend buying RC8 from Steam. It's currently on sale for 20% off and the good thing about Steam is that it's easy to get a refund if you do not like it. It's also VR-ready just in case you ever decide to try this. Also, with Steam it's easy to move things to a different PC later (or even at the same time but you can only use one at a time).

    Save 20% on aerofly RC 8 on Steam
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