• Hello,

    Is there a way in FS 2 to set up default FOV eg. editting main.mcf?

    What I mean when you select airplane and hit start and then in the cockpit view hit pan reset center button it will zoom to some default FOV which I dont like since it is zoomed in too much. So I have to zoom out. When I for example look left and then hit the reset center button the FOV stays zoomed out as I set it. But when I change an aircraft and hit reset center button in the cockpit again it changes the FOV to the default zoomed in again. So I have to zoom out again.


  • Aerofly saves the FOV per camera but not per aircraft camera. If you zoom in or out with the keys z and shift z (per default) it saves it when you look straight ahead and keep that zoom for a while. I don't even have to think about it, it does it automatically. When I look around and zoom in I double click which resets the view and restores my previous FOV. It should do the exact same with the assigned reset view key unless it also resets the manually adjusted FOV?