Aerofly mobile and Virtual Reality

  • I saw a really cheap Samsung VR headset today and it is one of those where you clip your phone into it. I have long forgotten the answer to this must have been asked before question but can you use Aerofly 2020 - 2022 on your mobile and will it be VR compatible?

  • If you already have a pc, you can just buy a cheap VR that you mount your phone into.

    And buy a software called IVRY or VRidge. Both will connect your mobile phone to Vr on to the PC with Cable.

    I found IVRY to be easier to use cause you can directly connect it to Steam VR.

    Both require a one-time payment to use.

    If you decided to try it out for free.

    IVRY will give you 5 minutes then they will make you colourblind(colour will disappear).

    VRidge will give you 10 minutes then it will stop working.