Flight school

  • Hi all, I am new to this simulator. Where do I find the flight school that is described:

    ‘Aerofly FS features a built in flight school that teaches you the basics of flying. If you haven't checked it out yet, give it a try before reading this tutorial.’

    I can do some flying OK but I would like to take a look at this.

  • The flight school was part of Aerofly FS 2 but was removed because it did no longer work after updating the rest of the simulator and was very limited in how it was programmed. It basically worked just with the C172 at one airport and just with the preset conditions and only taught the very basics like maintaining altitude, flying a turn, takeoff and landing. Instead Aerofly FS 4 focuses on supporting the user during any flight and we'll keep on working on this over time. Our goal is to be able to jump into any aircraft at any location in any weather and get assistance for it as needed. Learning by doing.

    As of right now the simulated copilot can already takeoff, fly the route and land the aircraft at pretty much all airports. You can assign a key command to toggle the copilot on and off, the default key should be 'c'. There is also a menu overlay to display the copilot functions as buttons on screen

    The flight school is also still available in older mobile versions (iOS and Android), I'm pretty sure Aerofly FS 2021 still had it, but the latest Aerofly FS 2022 does not have the flight school either.