How to take-off / How to land

  • Ok, I know, I can spend a lot of time watching YT videos or reading tutorials.

    Yet, if I could also learn/teach more quickly what to do to get a plane to take off or land, it would certainly be more fun.

    Let me be more specific.

    Imagine I turn on the AP to take off and then a few seconds after rotating, I stop and replay, switching to the cockpit PoV where I can look at a series of arrows or bubbles, appearing in order, that point at the different instruments and procedures needed for take off.

    That would be the ultimate Flight school for my secondary school students.

  • You can use the copilot to takeoff and then pause and replay the sequence (see for more info on the copilot).

    There is also the flight school that shows the basic maneuvers to you and one of the lessons is flying the takeoff and another for landing.

    At the moment there are no arrows or bubbles in the game but we also have a wiki with a flight tutorial that has screenshots with arrows in it:…raft:cessna_172



  • Thx for your answer, JP.

    I agree that using the copilot and paying close attention can teach you a couple of things. If you already know where to look at. Aerofly is great when it comes to recreating realistically the interior of the cockpit. That's for sure.

    Yet, a rookie like me is going to miss a lot doing just that.

    I think my idea is great but I'm afraid I'm not going to convince a lot of Aerofly Simmers with it. :)

    I will have tried.

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  • To get the plane to take off and land, not much is required on the Android Sim.

    The cockpit is realistic and gorgeous but if I do anything wrong, it won't change much.

    It would be so nice to get tested in a cold and dark situation!

    It would be great to be tested in any type of situation.

    Shouldn't it be the purpose of a Flight Sim? Learn and then get tested.

    As gorgeous as the Sim may be, it becomes quickly boring to just get the plane up in the air.