Issue with mouse selecting buttons and switches in VR with latest update

  • Hi

    Affects latest release version v4.0.1.15, also affects the Beta channel.

    As the title says, using the mouse in VR to select buttons and switches has become a bit of hit and miss affair.

    It's like the mouse cursor is no longer aware of of the exact positions of objects in 3D space. If you wobble the mouse, or look away and then back again the sometimes the mouse cursor will find the right position.

    VR controllers still work, but their implementation makes them awkward for me to use - buttons press as soon as you touch them without any further input - this means I end activating all manner of stuff I didn't want to.

    A better way IMO would be visual/haptic feedback when you touch a button, and then a controller trigger press to activate the button. Also rotaries are awkward as I can never seem to grab them, maybe again visual/haptic feedback when you touch a rotary combined with a "snap to grab" when you press the trigger.

    On a positive note I'm really enjoying the sim, especially with the european scenery.