• Hi guys

    I recently got aerofly 8 just to train some 3d flying.
    But i cant get the hang on tuning the planes to fly like i want.
    Example i cant get the extra 260 to do a nice rolling harrier.
    Some plane just dont want to fly harrier they go to fast into an hover.
    And knife edge is hard

    What are some of the options for edit the plane to make them fly better.
    I tried many things the CG, Propwash, etc.

    idk what to do

  • I fly the competition version of the Extra 260 in the sim. I made the following (fairly minor) changes:

    Left Aileron: -.89, .91

    Right Aileron: .89, -.91

    Left Elevator: -1, 1
    Right Elevator: -1, 1
    Servo Rudder: .8, -.8
    Servo Rudder 2: .5, -.5

    I'm not an experienced 3d pilot (just one year training), but the plane flies well for me like this.

  • okay thx for your reaction i wil try