Shareable missions: Tales from the Mach Loop

  • Do you have what it takes to fly the Mach Loop? Strap into your combat jet trainer and experience the thrill of low level flying at 400 knots in the mountains of Wales, an official Royal Air Force low level flight training area.

    I am almost done with the Aerofly Missionsgerät, a small tool to export an Aerofly FS 4 flight plan into a Aerofly FS 4 custom mission file. As a small test I sketched up a quick flight through the Mach Loop in an Aermacchi MB-339, and would like to share my adventures with the community.

    Tales from the Mach Loop

    You will find a small set of instructions and the mission file at - there is also a link included with a video of a professional jet instructor showing you how to fly the Mach Loop.

    :!: As it is my first try on shareable missions files any feedback about the documentation (well, and your thoughts about the ride) are very welcome.

    (Oh, and I know that the installation process is rather ugly, but if shareable missions become a thing maybe IPCAS donates an easier way to install mission files. :saint: )